• The Rabbi Goes West

    Creating music for The Rabbi Goes West, required developing ideas that met filmmaker Gerald Peary and Amy Geller’s desire for the score to sound fresh and avoid a lot of klezmer or other styles of music that are typical in jewish themed films.

    This led to a fusion of sparse middle eastern and western motifs laid over a churning . . .

  • No Victors, No Vanquished

    A suite for chamber group and jazz trio, based on music for the play, No Victors, No Vanquished  is now available on Bandcamp.

    It’s music of an industrious but morally ambiguous tone to spin a yarn of an arms deal told from the view of the Boston skyscraper where a law firm is negotiating the transaction.

  • 2019 Independent Film Festival of Boston Screening Trailer

    This year’s Independent Film Festival of Boston trailer featured Cam-e-o the robot’s IFFBoston adventure. (Cam-e-o itself was created by legendary steel sculptor of friendly robots, Skunkadelia. Skunk also designs the festival’s awards.)

    Filmmaker Larry Anderson and I collaborated on a song for the trailer this year, and I performed the distorted, semi-robotic, semi-sarcastic Fred Schneider-ish spoken . . .

  • Weather and Chaos

    Josh Kastorf’s new film, “Weather and Chaos: The Work of Edward N. Lorenz” is the first film about Lorenz and his research into chaos theory that’s been produced with the participation of scientists who worked alongside him. With their help the film takes a closer look at what the “butterfly effect” actually meant in the …