• 2019 Independent Film Festival of Boston Screening Trailer

    This year’s Independent Film Festival of Boston trailer featured Cam-e-o the robot’s IFFBoston adventure. (Cam-e-o itself was created by legendary steel sculptor of friendly robots, Skunkadelia. Skunk also designs the festival’s awards.)

    Filmmaker Larry Anderson and I collaborated on a song for the trailer this year, and I performed the distorted, semi-robotic, semi-sarcastic Fred Schneider-ish spoken . . .

  • Why You Should Hire a Composer to Write Your Commercial Music

    With a plethora of stock music libraries available, there are seemingly endless and often inexpensive options from which media creatives can choose music to accompany their productions. So what would be the justification for creatives to spend 5-15% of their production budgets on custom composed music?

  • Including a Music Composer in Your Advertisement’s Post-Production Workflow

     Technology has evolved rapidly   over the last 20+ years,    affecting how all types of    media production    professionals do their work.   The traditional processes for music composers and creators tocollaborate no longer serve the more immediate post-production workflows these changes have brought. The ability for creators to make late changes (and for clients to ask for them) have taken time away from the point in the post-production workflow at which composers and other audio professionals …