Independent Film Festival of Boston 2019 Trailer

2019 Independent Film Festival of Boston Screening Trailer

This year’s Independent Film Festival of Boston trailer featured Cam-e-o the robot’s IFFBoston adventure. (Cam-e-o itself was created by legendary steel sculptor of friendly robots, Skunkadelia. Skunk also designs the festival’s awards.)

Filmmaker Larry Anderson and I collaborated on a song for the trailer this year, and I performed the distorted, semi-robotic, semi-sarcastic Fred Schneider-ish spoken . . .

Lorenz Attractor

Soundtrack to Chaos

How does one compose a soundtrack to chaos?   For “Weather and Chaos: The Work of Edward Lorenz,” I generated musical themes and ideas using the math and simulations from director Josh Kastorf’s film. Continue on to learn how, and watch and listen to some demonstrations. (Don’t forget to check out the short film, “Weather and Chaos: …