“Rob is a caring professional who is fast, efficient, and attentive. We contracted him for voice recording and audio work and his deliverable format and organization changed the way we think about our audio pipeline. It was a pleasure working with him, and I look forward to doing so again.”

Jon Meyers, CEO

“Rob’s work went above and beyond what we imagined, creating intricately detailed, responsive audio environments combining music, ambiance and sound effects to help create a realistic 18th century world. Rob is a hands-on, precision artist who knows what needs to happen for his creations to come to life”

Dan Silvers, CEO

“Rob was an outstanding member of the team as composer on “Follow” and “The History of Spectacle Island.” His creative innovation and knowledge of composition enabled him to hone in on the storytelling. He was a leader in taking responsibility to meet challenging deadlines and provided quality results under pressure.”

Elliot Higger, Filmmaker

“Rob’s compositions for the film “Our Mockingbird” and several American Experience films were exceptional. His musical skills are varied and many, and he is a pleasure to work with, often doing more than he’s asked, anticipating problems before they arise.”

John Kusiak, award winning composer of the Errol Morris film, Tabloid

That Game Company Application


My name is Rob Jaret, and I am applying for the role of Audio Designer at That Game Company.

My interest in TGC in particular is tied to my love of combining my disparate skills to create interactive audio experiences for players. I am a composer (6 years), sound designer (2 years) and software engineer (15 years) working primarily in visual media. (I do understand that this is not a composing position.)

My first real opportunity to combine these skills was on the game Children of Liberty, for which there is a game play demo below. You can also see a detailed interactive demo and case study of how I approached the sound/music/audio programming here. I started this game before any of the common audio middleware components became available for free, so I developed the audio engine myself in C#. I was also responsible for 100% of the sound effects and music you hear.

I found combining my engineering, science and audio backgrounds to develop the audio system for the game incredibly creative and fulfilling, and I hope to pursue a path in my work towards finding deeper ways to achieve interactive experiences for users. I feel that games such as Flower are ideal examples of this.

For a more resume-like view of my background, I encourage you to view my linkedIn profile here.

Thank you very much for your consideration,

Children of Liberty

(For more info, watch this interactive case study on how I approached the music, sound and audio programming.)

Children is a colonial-American stealth-platformer that takes place on the eve of Paul Revere’s famous ride. I’ve been the composer/sound designer/audio programmer on a team of about ten at Lantana Games for the past three years.

I created the music and sound for the game using Digital Performer, Audacity, IZotopeRX and various other tools for recording and editing. I wrote the audio engine in Unity3D, C# and Visual Studio, using xml for configuration settings.

“T-Spin Tarantella”

“T-Spin Tarantella” is a chip tune I wrote using the Magical 8-bit game console audio emulator. This was written for KesieV Norikami’s Akhiabara game engine, a tool he created for developing 8/16-bit style games using HTML 5 and javascript.

This was for a tetris-like demo. KesieV is from Italy, so rather than a russian folk tune as in the original, I wrote a tarantella, which is an italian folk form.

“The Legend of Sadness”

“The Legend of Sadness” is another chip tune I wrote for KesieV Norikami’s Akhiabara game engine. This one was for a Zelda-style demo, also written using the Magical 8-bit game console audio emulator

“Lazris the Bunny”

I created the music and sound effects for “Lazris the Bunny”, the first project I worked on for Lantana Games as part of a four person team at the 2011 Global Game Jam. The theme of the jam was ‘Extinction’. I’ll just leave it at that ;)

The music and sound effects for Lazris were created over the weekend of the game jam using Digital Performer, Audacity and Reason, along with my collection of sample libraries.

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