The Rabbi Goes West

The Rabbi Goes West

Creating music for the new documentary,The Rabbi Goes West required developing ideas that met filmmaker Gerald Peary and Amy Geller’s desire for the score to sound fresh and avoid a lot of klezmer or other styles of music that are typical in jewish themed films. This led to a fusion of sparse middle eastern and western motifs laid over a churning percussion track to accompany the Rabbi as he spreads his evangelical strand of Hasidic Judaism across the American West.

The film premiered at this year’s San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, where Touchdown, Israel!, another film I scored premiered back in 2014. It’s a special thing to see something you worked on screen at the historic Castro.

To find out about other, upcoming screenings check out The Rabbi Goes West’s web site and follow one of their social media accounts.

Here’s a little traveling music from the film, with Guy Van Duser (acoustic guitar) stoking the coals and Andrew Willis (electric guitar) keeping the wheels greased.

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