About Me

I am a composer working primarily in visual media. Recent projects I’ve composed for include the films Touchdown Israel!, the neo-noir thriller Aim, Point, Shoot and the video game Children of Liberty. I have also contributed music to various productions for PBS, television commercials and museum installations.

Since 2008 I’ve had the good fortune to work as an orchestrator and assistant to veteran award-winning composer John Kusiak, where I’ve had the opportunity to learn and work on a variety of independent films, documentaries, television commercials and museum pieces.

I am a graduate in film scoring and jazz piano from Berklee College of Music, and have studied classical composition at Longy School of Music and through private study. I also have my BS in Physics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

“When scoring a film, game or any kind of collaborative project I see myself as a key member of the creative team, trying to understand the director/designer’s vision, and, using my sensibilities, experience and personal style, find the best possible way I can contribute to telling the story.”



Software Expertise

  • Digital Performer (9 years)
  • Finale (7 years)
  • Kontakt (7 years)
  • ProTools (2 year)
  • Unity3D (3 years – primarily audio functionality)
  • C# (10 years)
  • SQL (13 years – have worked with MS SQL Server and Oracle)
  • MS Visual Studio (13 years)
  • Javascript (10 years)
  • XML/XSL (10 years)
  • IZotopeRX (2 years)
  • Audacity (2 years)
  • Soundminer (3 years)
  • Perforce (10 years)
  • NUnit (5 years)
  • Nant (5 years)