Projects & News

  • Touchdown Israel!Looking forward to the area premiere of Touchdown Israel! at the Boston Jewish Film Festival on November 15th. Congratulations to director Paul Hirschberger for all the nice press the film is garnering, such as this from the Boston Globe: “Be that as it may, the playoffs and final showdown in the Israel Bowl may be as exciting as an NFL game, largely because Hirschberger has drawn the viewer into the players’ lives and into their sense of team spirit. When it comes to the team, politics and religion don’t matter. Could this be a key to peace in the Middle East?” – correspondent Peter Keough.
  • Had the pleasure of hearing the great Videri String Quartet perform a medley of Videri String Quartet playing music from Children of Liberty Children of Liberty music at the Figgies, the awards ceremony for the 2014 Boston Festival of Independent Games. Videri has made its name specializing in performing string quartet arrangements of video game music. Children’s 18th-century period score took well to the quartet arrangement, and it was quite the treat to hear these fine musicians interpret my music!
  • Touchdown Israel! premiered in July at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival! Touchdown IsraelKnown as the ‘Sundance of jewish film festivals’, it’s the largest of it’s kind in the world. Kudos to director Paul Hirschberger and the rest of the TDI team! The score is an energetic, eclectic mix, just like the film’s namesake country.
  • Had a blast composing for this year’s Independent Film Festival of Boston’s TV spot and screening opener.IFFBoston 2014 It’s the only time I’ve ever heard applause after a festival opener! (Those “Welcome, here are our sponsors, no tweeting” bits that play before each screening.) It was excellent getting to work with Larry Andersen of Spot Editorial and the IFFB staff on this.
  • Here’s a cue I contributed to the score for PBS American Experience’s “The War of the Worlds”, about "War of the Worlds"Orson Welles’ infamous 1938 Halloween broadcast that caused thousands of listeners to plunge into panic, convinced that America was under a deadly Martian attack! The premiere of the film coincided with the broadcast’s 75th Anniversary.
  • Aim Point ShootCo-composer Dane Walker and I recently finished the score to “Aim Point Shoot”, a new independent film from director Steven Cook. APS is a black and white neo-noir comedy about a single father recently released from prison, trying to create the best life possible for himself and his daughter the only way he knows how. Here is a sampling of a few tracks on SoundCloud.
  • Working on “The Way Home: Tibetans in Exile”, a feature-length documentary from
    The Way Home: Tibetans in Exile
    director Marilyn Pennell celebrating three generations of Tibetan women living in exile, as they confront the passing of the last generation that lived in and escaped from Tibet. The film includes footage of TIPA, the Tibetan Performing Arts organization founded by the Dali Lama in Dharamsala in order to preserve the country’s cultural and religious values.
  • Check out the latest trailer for Lantana Games’ Children of Liberty. Children of Libert Children takes place in colonial America on the eve of the American Revolution. Like everything else about the game, from the story, to the excellent backgrounds and animations by the creative team, an emphasis on historical authenticity and are the driving factors behind the sound and score.