Independent Features

The Rabbi Goes West
A documentary feature from filmmakers Gerald Peary and Amy Gellar about a Chabad Hasidic Rabbi from Crown Heights, Brooklyn that moves to Boseman, Montana to set up shop. Listen to a track and read more.

The Way Home – Tibet in Exile
A feature-length documentary from director Marilyn Pennell celebrating three generations of Tibetan women living in exile as they confront the passing of the last generation that lived in and escaped from Tibet.

Touchdown Israel!
A feature from director Paul Hirschberger about Israel’s American-style football league. TDI presents the broad religious and cultural diversity that is Israel, and illustrates how sports can be both metaphor and unifier for the world around it. TDI premiered at the 2014 San Francisco Jewish Film Festival.

Aim, Point, Shoot (co-composer)
A neo-noir/dark-comic feature about a near-do-well trying to raise his daughter after being released from prison the only way he knows how. Directed by Steven Cook.

25 Hill (additional music)
A family film about the All American Soap Box Derby directed by Corbin Bernsen (LA Law). I contributed some orchestral music to my buddy Lee Strauss’ score. 25 Hill premiered on the Inspiration Network in July, 2012.

Uncle Nick (score preparation)
A comedy of a family Christmas gone wrong, coupled with a back story about the infamous 1974 Ten-Cent Beer Night riot that overtook a Cleveland Indians game. Directed by Chris Kasick, produced by Errol Morris and scored by Andrew Willis.

Team Foxcatcher (orchestration, score preparation)
A Netflix documentary that chronicles the paranoid, downward spiral of millionaire John E. DuPont that led to the tragic murder of olympic wrestler David Schultz.

One Cut, One Life (score preparation)
When documentarian Ed Pincus, considered the father of first-person non-fiction film, is diagnosed with a terminal illness, he and collaborator Lucia Small team up to make one last film.

Tabloid (score preparation – soundtrack album)
Errol Morris’ documentary about the 1970’s British tabloid story involving the abduction of a mormon missionary in the United Kindom by his ex-girlfriend, a former southern beauty queen. The film has won Best Documentary in the the indieWIRE poll of film critics at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival.


PBS productions

Edgar Allan Poe: Buried Alive (additional music and orchestrations, score prep)
A PBS American Masters’ film that explores Poe’s writings in the context of his times, as well as the misrepresentations of him as a drug-addled madman akin to the narrators of his horror stories, due in in large part to a sensationalized obituary written to discredit him by his literary rival Rufus W. Griswold.

James Baker: The Man Who Made Washington Work (additional music)
PBS film about the former Reagan Chief of Staff and Secretary of State to George H. W. Bush.

Our Mockingbird (additional music)
PBS America Reframed film about two high schools in Birmingham, Alabama – one black, one white – collaborate on a life-changing production of the play To Kill A Mockingbird.

Henry Ford (additional music, orchestration)
A two-hour PBS film about America’s controversial first industrialist.

“The Wall – A World Divided” and “After the Wall – A World United” (additional music)
A Spy Pond Productions film directed by Eric Stange for PBS, “The Wall” honors the 20th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall by exploring its history through the stories of ordinary people and the inside perspectives of world leaders and diplomats.

The Battle of Chosin (score preparation)
A PBS American Experience film about the pivotal 1950 Korean War battle that saw the entrance of China into the Korean war and helped set the course of American foreign policy in the Cold War and beyond.

Edison (orchestrations, score preparation)
PBS American Experience episode about the famous inventor who to this day holds more patents than anyone else in history, including revolutionary inventions related to sound recording, motion pictures, and electric light.

“The Rise and Fall of Penn Station” (orchestration)
PBS’ American Experience episode about the engineering marvel whose tunnels under New York City’s Hudson and East Rivers knitted together the entire eastern half of the United States for the first time.

“War of the Worlds” (additional music)
An episode of PBS’ American Experience about the infamous 1938 Orson Welles broadcast that convinced thousands of Americans that we were under attack from Mars!

American Experience’s We Shall Remain
A five-part series of feature-length movies on the history of Native Americans, from early colonial days through the 1970’s.
    Episode 1. “After the Mayflower” (score preparation)
    Episode 3. “Trail of Tears” (score preparation)

American Experience’s “The Polio Crusade” (score preparation)
An episode about the history of the March of Dimes and the development of the polio vaccine, based in part on David Oshinsky’s Pulitzer Prize winning book, Polio: An American Story.


Advertising / Marketing

Independent Film Festival of Boston – TV Ad and Screening Opener
Music for Boston’s premiere film festival’s television ads and pre-screening videos. The spots were created by Larry Andersen of Spot Editorial, along with the rest of the IFFB team.

ESPN – “Team Spirit” (additional orchestration; score preparation)
A television commercial and documentary short directed by Errol Morris for ESPN Sports’ It’s Not Crazy, It’s Sports advertising campaign.

“Do Things Better” (co-composer)
A television spot from the On Your Side advertising campaign for Nationwide Insurance created by TM Advertising. The spot was directed by Errol Morris.


Theater and Dance

Knock Down, Drag Out (sound designer)
Moonbox Productions’ premiere of Rick Park’s play performed at the Boston Center for the Arts. Directed by Thomas Martin.

A short covid-era dance film from director Tatyana Bronstein, featuring Bavarian State Ballet prima ballerina and former Boston Ballet soloist Maria Baranova.

“No Victors, No Vanquished
Incidental music for Punctuate4’s production of Paul Saba’s play, “No Victors, No Vanquished,” performed at the Harvard Club, and starring Will Lyman, Myriam Cyr and Hal Scardino. Listen to or download a suite of music from the play on Bandcamp.

Music composed for a collaboration with Urbanity Dance’s Betsi Graves. The work was performed as part of Urbanity’s event Observing, at the Tsai Center in Boston on June 2nd and 3rd.

Dante Dances
Music for dance w/spoken word, inspired by Dante. Performed by Urbanity Dance for the Dante Festival at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston, MA.

Girl in the Glass
A macabre puppet show–> for Washington DC’s Puppet Underground Halloween performance.


Other Composing Credits

About Face
Testimonials from veterans about their experiences addressing PTSD through therapy; for the Department of Veterans Affairs and National Center for PTSD.

“Weather and Chaos: The Work of Edward N. Lorenz”
Josh Kastorf’s film about Lorenz and his research into chaos theory is the first to be produced with the participation of scientists who worked alongside him. The film takes a closer look at the “butterfly effect” in the context of Lorenz’s work, and why it should make us all rethink our understanding of the universe. Read more here.

The Seagull
A french woman has fled from France to a WWII resistance camp in Britain bringing urgent intelligence in award winning director Catherine Pilafas‘s Bechdel test cracking short film.

Children of Liberty (composer, sound designer, audio director)
Provide music, sound effects, audio production and programming for this colonial-American historical game. Check out this write up on the audio here.

“The History of Spectacle Island”
A short film about the history of Boston Harbor’s Spectacle Island and its’ recent rebirth as a result of the Big Dig civil engineering project. The film was created by director Elliot Higger and Sunnymind Productions for the island’s visitor center.

An orchestral setting for spoken word and time-lapse video. The film was directed by Elliot Higger. Follow was shown at the 2012 ProArts Spring Arts Festival in Boston.

Akihabara HTML 5 Game Engine Demos
Provided chip-tune music for two demos using KesieV Norikami’s excellent game engine for developing 8/16-bit style games using HTML 5 and javascript.

“Lazris the Bunny” (composer / sound effects)
Created by Lantana Games for the 2011 Global Game Jam.

“Morocco to Israel”
This short film by director Avital Epstein uses interviews with family members to tell the story of Berber Jews that emigrated to Israel after it’s formation in 1948 and the independence of Morocco in 1956. It premiered at the 2011 Miami Jewish Film Festival, and has since won third place at the Carnegie Mellon Faces of Migration International Short Film Festival.

“The Exchange”
A modern-day film-noir about customer service in the button pushing business. The short film was directed by Paul Hirschberger and produced by NTL films. It was screened at the Hells Half Mile Film Festival, the Naperville Independent Film Festival and the BlissFest 333 Film Festival.


Additional Orchestration, Sound Design and Support Work

Tabloid (score preparation – soundtrack album)
Errol Morris’ documentary about the 1970’s British tabloid story involving the abduction of a mormon missionary in the United Kindom by his ex-girlfriend, a former southern beauty queen. The film has won Best Documentary in the the indieWIRE poll of film critics at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival.

“John Portman: A Life of Building” (score preparation)
A film about the influential 20th Century architect from director Ben Loeterman.

National Museum of American Jewish History (score preparation)
A large format movie in the permanent exhibition of this first ever national museum of it’s kind, located in Philadelphia, PA. The museum had it’s grand opening in November, 2010.

Illinois Holocaust Museum Karkomi Permanent Exhibition (additional sound design; score preparation)
Opening and closing short films from a series that tells the story of the Holocaust, and of survivors living in the Chicago area.

Yellowstone, Our Restless Earth (score preparation)
A 20-minute film for the Yellowstone National Park tourist information center.