Urbanity Dance - Observing

These are two excerpts from a piece I composed for a collaboration with Urbanity Dance’s director and choreographer Betsi Graves. The work was performed as part of Urbanity’s event Observing, at the Tsai Center in Boston on June 2nd and 3rd.

This is my second time collaborating with Betsi and Urbanity, and my first composing in conjunction with†the development of the choreography. It made for an interesting comparison to film scoring. The piece is not programmatic, meaning it s not about anything in particular, other than to allow for an exploration of the overall dance s theme, What is contemporary dance?  It was still similar to working in film in that I was dealing with timing issues (in a couple of cases I scored to a video of the dancers, including both sections below), but there was more room to explore the role, style and tone of the music.