Creating music for the documentary The Rabbi Goes West required developing something that met filmmakers Gerald Peary and Amy Geller's desire for a fresh sound for this jewish themed film. . .

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I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, and that the New Year brings much joy and peace to you and your family. I released a couple of pieces at the end of the year, reflecting two sides of the season

"Weather and Chaos: The Work of Edward Lorenz" is the first film about Lorenz and his research into chaos theory that’s been produced with the participation of scientists who worked alongside him. <img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-10641" src="" alt=“Weather and Chaos

These are two excerpts from a piece I composed for a collaboration with Urbanity Dance's director and choreographer Betsi Graves. The work was performed as part of Urbanity's event Observing, at the Tsai Center in Boston on June 2nd and

Some pictures and music from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum's Dante Festival, where Urbanity Dance and I collaborated on a performance inspired by the middle ages poet. The inspirations for the music and improvisations were drawn from Cantos V (The