“A newly minted partner in a law firm learns of an arms deal which the firm has agreed to facilitate. If implemented, mass murder will occur in a conflict raging in a war-torn country.”

I got a lot of enjoyment from writing incidental music for Punctuate4’s production of Paul Saba’s play, “No Victors, No Vanquished.” The result was a set of cues for a chamber group combining woodwinds, percussion and jazz piano trio that I’ve compiled with some additional bits into this suite I released on Bandcamp.

It’s music of an industrious but morally ambiguous tone to spin a yarn of an arms deal told from the view of the Boston skyscraper where a law firm is negotiating the transaction.

You can download the full suite of music here, or check out the dark, free-jazz “Sabotage,” or No Victors, No Vanquished and it’s evocation of industry and commerce, spinning their wares into the fabric of the world with indifference.

The production starred Boston’s extraordinary Will Lyman, Myriam Cyr and Hal Scardino.