The Rabbi Goes West

Creating music for the documentary The Rabbi Goes West required developing something that met filmmakers Gerald Peary and Amy Geller’s desire for a fresh sound for this jewish themed film, that would invite the audience in without influencing the discourse of the film. The result is a fusion of sparse middle eastern and western figures laid over a Montana landscape of churning percussion and gentle strings to accompany the Rabbi on his mission across the American West.

Rabbi Goes West Laurels

Upcoming screenings include DocNYC on Sunday, November 10th and closing night of the Boston Jewish Film Festival on Sunday, November 17th.

The film premiered at this year’s San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, screening at the historic Castro Theater, where Touchdown, Israel! premiered back in 2014. Since, Rabbi has screened at the Vancouver International Film Festival, et. al. 

To find out about upcoming showings, check out The Rabbi Goes West’s web site.

Here’s a little traveling music from the film, with Guy Van Duser (acoustic guitar) stoking the coals and Andrew Willis (electric guitar) keeping the wheels greased: